2017/2018 Executive Board & Committee Chairs


President: Waddell Wright, CPM®, CCIM
President Elect: Richard Wright, CPM®
First Vice President: Zac Ward, CPM®
Second Vice President: Elizabeth Wood, CPM® Candidate
Secretary/Treasurer: Jo Craig, CPM® Candidate
ARM Coordinator: Carol Barrett, CPM® Candidate, ARM®


AMO Committee:
Faye Ellis, CPM®

Apartment Association Liaison:
Faye Ellis, CPM®
Co-Chair: Chari Lewis, CPM®

ARM Coordinator:
Carol Barrett, CPM® Candidate, ARM®

Candidate Guidance & Membership:
Chari Lewis, CPM®
Co-Chair: Waddell Wright, CPM®, CCIM

Communications – Newsletter:
IREM Chapter Website

Education & Student Outreach:
to be announced

Crystal Waller, CPM®

Donna Power, CPM®
Co-Chair: Mike Waters,

IREM Bucks:
Zac Ward, CPM®

Income/Expense Analysis:
Elizabeth Wood, CPM® Candidate

Industry Partners:
Audrey Edwards

Legislative Affairs:
Crystal Waller, CPM®

Minority Outreach:
Waddell Wright, CPM®, CCIM,
Co-Chair: Chari Lewis, CPM®

Jeffrey Stovall, CPM®
Co-Chair: Chari Lewis, CPM®

Policy & Procedures (Ad hoc):
Executive Committee

Jennifer Koss, CPM® Candidate
Co-Chair: Case Engle CPM®
Destanee Redden

TREC Liaison:
Faye Ellis, CPM®